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Protect Play.

Michigan's kids need playtime.

Research shows profound benefits of recess and play for a child's well being and the overall climate and culture of a school. Recess is an opportunity for kids to be physically active during the school day and to learn and practice social emotional skills like teamwork, self-regulation, and relationship building. These are lessons that can't be taught in the classroom alone.


In the last decade, nearly half of all school districts nationwide have either completely eliminated or reduced specified time for recess. Only 22% of school districts in the United States require daily recess for elementary school students. In Michigan, there is currently no policy that requires school districts to provide students with recess, playtime or any physical education courses.

As a result, many kids in Michigan don't have access to healthy, high-quality play time during the school day.

The mission of the Coalition for Michigan Schoolchildren’s Right to Play is to ensure that every elementary student in Michigan has access to play and recess. In the months and years to come, the coalition will work to raise awareness about recess in schools and support statewide advocacy for increased access to recess and opportunities for play in Michigan schools.

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